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No Victory Without Strife

by Manu Armata

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Intro 00:29
This is where I’m fighting for This is where I stand So please back away from me I’m taking matters in my own hand The way you think The way you act Doesn’t make sense to me The only thing you’re making clear Is how you’re causing grief Consideration there is none Compassion no where to be seen You only care about yourself Fuck off time to sweep things clean You can’t destroy it You never will I’m standing firmly And I hold my ground
Down on my knees Try getting up Can’t get a grip I’m so fucked up Hard to keep focus Face the truth I’m down again Can’t stand on my own feet Figure out the things I need Live without the things I don’t I fucked up again Life is like one big fight A new round every day No referee in sight Facing your own worst enemy Put on my boxing gloves Get in the ring take a swing Taking punches in my mouth Try not to get knocked out No victory without strife
Antagonized 01:56
Never in this life again Never take a beating twice I put up with to much of this shit Cross me again you’ll pay the price I hate what you’ve done to me Internally you made me bleed Treated me like I’m no one Here I am can’t beat me now Provoking people putting them down Take it out on others Push me to far Face up to what you have done The shit you shoveled I overcome I will confront you with yourself I’ve bin through many things in my past You thought I would not last I turned out stronger I’m still standing I proved you wrong And now I let go of the past Look towards the future I turned out stronger I’m still standing I proved you wrong
I know this won’t break me This set back won’t set me back Have to keep faith in me I will get there you will see No way back just straight ahead Look to the future Don’t Live in the past Be content with what you have Don’t live your life in regrets Enjoy the moment while it lasts You never know what is coming next Don’t live your life in discontent Before you know your life will end Live your Life
Inanimate 01:53
We’ve bin kept brain-dead Systematic day by day It’s how the rules work In this society There is no free will No choices we can make It’s an illusion The world is one big fake Everything is pre-made up Feeding our brain how to think Directions we must take Living like a commercial slave It all comes down to these things Power Money is everything Propagation till we die Domination of commercial lies I use my mind I use what I’ve got I use my mind Where is this headed Where does this go Vicious circles everyone one goal Use your mind See trough the lies Don’t believe what is said and done Just use your mind
Resurrection 03:15
Down and depressed Don’t fit in with the rest Life sometimes feels like one big test Will I pass or go down under stress Still don’t know what to do next Can I go on Or Throw in the towel Keep my head down obedient and follow Is this really me How can it be I feel like going mad on the edge of insanity Time is running out Keep myself together Time to let go Keep the faith and I know I will rise up I will rise up again I will rise up No matter what is thrown at me I will rise up I will rise up again I will rise up Keep a clear head look into the future Regrets regrets Some things I’ve done Some things I’ve said Move on move on Let the past be passed Start moving on Can’t quit can’t quit Can’t give up Even if I had it Hold on cause I know When I believe


released October 1, 2010




Manu Armata Harlingen, Netherlands

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